2022 Spring Home Trends

Spring is almost here, and we know everyone will want to start on their new custom home and modular home projects! When a new season arrives, so do the innovative trends that are expected to become the next “must-haves”. At MAC Builders, our professionals are always happy to seek out new ideas and incorporate fresh aspects into your custom home floor plans. From complete teardowns and rebuilds, to building a home from scratch, we’re ready to be your go-to NJ home builders. Read on for the predicted 2022 home style trends and see if they’re right for you!

The first 2022 spring home trends that are expected to soar are expressive outdoor entertainment spaces and inside features that are inspired by nature. Due to the prolonged period of being indoors, homeowners now desire a home that is inspired by nature and gives a sense of connection with the earth. This means incorporating new custom and modular homes with larger windows, bigger doors, skylights, porches for lounging, and elevated backyard features are a must. With MAC’s home builders, you’ll have the unique chance to browse our state-of-the-art design center to select features that fit your vision and interests!
In relation to the increased indoor time, homeowners have found that open floor plans are not serving them as they once did. One of the newer trends include custom home designs with more multifunctional rooms for extra privacy and quiet time. This is a popular choice among larger families that require personal spaces away from common areas to relax and unwind. These areas are also expected to be designed in a mindful manner to positively impact a person’s emotions and reflect their personality. At MAC Builders, creating a custom home design based on your needs and preferences is just one of the few things our industry experts are best at.
When new trends inspire you to create the design of your dreams, trust MAC’s best custom home builders! We are committed to making custom and modular home building the best experience possible with our strict high-quality standards, excellent customer satisfaction, and ethical process. Our clients have 24/7 communication with our home builders for all traditional builds, luxury modular homes, renovations, and remodeling projects. Don’t waste time trying to find qualified home building contractors and come collaborate with a team that sets themselves to a higher level! Have an unforgettable journey in all your new home construction projects and book a consultation with MAC Builders!
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Posted On: February 10, 2022