A common concern we hear from prospective homeowners is whether they should be building a new home at the Jersey Shore or purchasing an existing home. While no two situations are identical and good deals on pre-owned homes do arise, generally you will get a better deal when building a new home at the Jersey Shore. There are several reasons for this. Let us explain:

1. Customization: New Jersey Custom home builders allow buyers to become active participants in the process of designing their new home, which helps to create a living space specifically tailored to their personal tastes. New home buyers can often decide details like where their bathroom location, flooring type used, as well as the the color of the exterior paint.

2. Energy Efficiency: Building codes have mandated increasingly higher energy efficiency standards since they began to address the issue in the late 1970s. Newly constructed homes use energy more efficiently in two ways: First, they tend to have a tighter-sealed building envelope that helps prevent conditioned air—cool air in the summer, warm air in the winter—from escaping. Features that create this envelope include higher-efficiency insulation, doors, and windows.

3. Green appliances: The more energy-efficient appliances found in new homes help reduce utility bills for anyone building a new home at the Jersey Shore . Newly-constructed homes typically include high efficiency stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, furnaces, or air conditioning units that older homes might not. Of course, existing homeowners can always buy higher-efficiency appliances, but doing so requires a significant outlay of cash.

4. Fewer repairs: The features of newly constructed shore homes should also hold up better than those of existing homes which have likely experienced years of wear and tear. Plain and simple.

5. Less maintenance: Another advantage to building a new home at the Jersey Shore is that many of these new homes are engineered specifically to minimize maintenance requirements.

6. Fire safety: Newly constructed homes typically include fire safety features that found in older homes such as Hard-wired smoke detectors which run on the electricity of the house but also have a battery backup for if the house power goes out.

7. Financing: New home buyers may be able to take advantage of mortgage financing perks made available through their builder. Home buyers will not have that advantage when buying an existing home from the current owner

Posted On: May 21, 2014