In a world where the economy and the environment seem to be competing for attention, nj modular homes make good sense. Why? For one thing, NJ modular builders are frugal with wood, and put wasted materials to good use. Wood, sheetrock and metal scraps are repurposed or recycled—even down to the sawdust generated during construction. Even stick-builders are learning from their modular competitors.

In addition to a measurable reduction in materials waste, NJ modular homes are inherently more eco-friendly—since they are built with ultra-precision inside a controlled factory. The result? Tight, well-engineered construction that saves energy and decreases indoor air pollution.

Perhaps most importantly, Jersey Shore modular homes are an affordable way to go green. While many other green technologies exceed the budget of most families, modular homes cost 5 to 20 percent less than traditional construction. This cost reduction is due to shorter construction times, less materials waste—and fewer lost work hours due to weather changes and subcontractor no-shows.

Reputable NJ modular builders can help homeowners put this savings to good use, as well, since they are versed in sustainable, LEED-certified finishing options. Design choices like reclaimed wood flooring, solar panels and energy-efficient windows become more affordable when building costs aren’t prohibitive.

Modular homes represented 5 percent of new construction in 2013, and environmental advocates believe that number will grow significantly over the next decade. And, because of its budget-friendly, green approach, schools and multi-family residences across the U.S. are beginning to embrace the modular revolution, too.


Posted On: May 10, 2014