Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

For both custom homes and custom modular homes, reaching the bathroom design stage is always exhilarating! Getting caught up in the excitement is easy, and so is forgetting the intricate details. While some focus on mainly decor, many neglect to consider proper spacing, including storage areas, and matching functional features. As expert construction home builders with over 40 years of experience, we’ve seen the areas where most homeowners overlook, which is why we’ve listed these as our top three bathroom design mistakes to avoid. If you’re brainstorming ideas for your custom modular or custom home floor plans, it’s important to not make the errors listed below! 
Improper Spacing
Oftentimes, homeowners don’t consider the sizing of their bathroom design and base their plans around decor styles, which could lead to limited space. Embellishments should stay last on the list and first thoughts should be about comfortable sizing and easy function for everyday use. Nothing is worse than managing your everyday routine in a cramped space. MAC Builders’ team of designers take time to understand your ambitions and requirements to create a bathroom that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style. Whether it’s to be shared with family members, a private master bathroom, or a guest bathroom, allow us to carefully plan out the perfect layout that’s extravagant, spacious and everything you dreamed it would be. 
Overlooking Storage
In addition to potential spacing issues, overlooking storage areas in a new bathroom design can cause irritation and discomfort too. With a private area such as a bathroom, it makes sense to want all the necessities in one room rather than traveling to hall closets for towels, toiletries, etc. Even if you are not thrilled about a bathroom with many closets and cabinets, we’re your custom builder that utilizes all available spaces and creates design styles that make unsightly storage elements discreet and sleek. From recessed shelving to floor-length cupboards, our New Jersey builders can bring all your custom modular and custom home designs into fruition! 
Not Matching Styles and Features
Once you’re ready to focus on the decorating portion, it’s important to not get carried away with choosing too many styles. It’s great to have a range of preferences, but if nothing matches or measures the space correctly, you’ll be disappointed in the outcome. When building a custom home or custom modular home, keeping to a theme and selecting materials that match the overall floor plans prevent designs from clashing. When you tour our state-of-the-art design center with our knowledgeable custom home builders, a plethora of modern and in-style selections are available to you! MAC Builders gears you with all the top-of-the-line products, materials and features to ensure your new custom bathroom is perfect!
Bathrooms are essential aspects of any custom home or custom modular home plans, which means you need the reliable MAC Builders team by your side! With your satisfaction as our top priority, we go above and beyond other custom home building companies by taking your plans seriously and working tirelessly until your vision is flawless. An included perk is that you’ll have full access to our Online Client portal to make order changes, view documents and stay connected with our team! Don’t wait until the days fly by, jump into the world of custom modular and custom home construction with us! 
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Posted On: March 10, 2022