Building A Modular Home That Lasts!

When you want to build a home that is customized to your desires, it makes sense to want to ensure its longevity. Thinking of ways to prolong your custom or modular home’s life starts by discussing optimal foundation locations, material options, and roof style selections with the custom home building contractors you can trust at MAC Builders. Luckily for you, our team of experts have built numerous superior custom and modular projects throughout Southern Monmouth and Northern Ocean County. With custom and modular home builders that always have your best interest in mind, you never have to question the quality of your personalized custom or modular home! Read on to learn about how these key factors affect the life of your project!

Before custom or modular home construction can begin, finding your preferred location to set down a foundation is the first task. While it’s easy to think anywhere in the Southern Monmouth and Northern Ocean Counties would be great, it takes a real professional to identify the best spot for your needs. Custom homes and custom modular homes should be built on a leveled and solid lot. The shape, size, and any existing slopes can have a significant impact on your home’s foundation, especially during extreme weather conditions. Depending on your future plans, MAC Builders can provide advice on the right areas to build your custom or modular home!
The beautiful and enjoyable summer weather in New Jersey is always talked about, but many forget about the cold winters and hurricane seasons. This means custom homes and construction projects will need high-quality, durable and weather-resistant exteriors that will last for years. With that said, custom and modular homes created by MAC Builders are always built with premium materials that guarantee your design stands the test of time. Through scorching heat waves, high winds, heavy downpours and chilly cold weather, you can expect your custom project to endure it all. Our state-of-the-art design center has a plethora of exterior options to choose from that are made of exceptional quality and come in many styles!
Roof Style
Not many people consider which kind of roof style they want for their custom or modular design, but that’s why the MAC Builders experts are here! Your roof’s style is a crucial feature since it affects the overall look of a custom or modular home and can determine how your home stands against the elements. When there is heavy snow or rainstorms, the structure of your roof can provide function to prevent buildup and avoid potential damage. Our experts take a strategic approach to roof styles, and we’ll help you select the right option depending on your needs. For more information on roof styles and suggestions, see our article covering the topic here.
By working with our experienced team, you’ll see why we stand out from other custom construction home builders with our honorable, ethical, and professional practices. We’ll prepare designs for your custom home or custom modular home that are guaranteed to last you and your family a lifetime. MAC Builders stands by putting our clients and their needs first, which is why we’re the perfect choice. MAC Builders is a member of the nation’s most selective new homes warranty program, Quality Builders Warranty Corporation. They have passed QBW’s strict screening standards and are recognized as a “builder of integrity.” Additionally, the warranty is backed by Liberty Mutual, so you can rest peacefully in your new home. Build your own custom home or custom modular project your way by calling our professionals at (732) 930-5067.

Posted On: December 02, 2021