Building A Modular Home with MAC Builders

Having the opportunity to build your own house is something that everyone dreams about. Many people have their plans written down, ready to go, and are waiting for professional contractors like MAC Builders to make them real. With modular homes, the building process is much different compared to a site-built home. It will be built in a remote off-site location that is temperature-controlled for a smooth building process. Once completed, your custom modular home will be shipped right to your location! As simple as it seems, modular home construction development is more complex than that. Luckily, we are here to guide you with what to expect!


Design & Location

Before we order your modular home, you have to consider its design and location. MAC Builders will help you:

- Design the home of your dreams to compliment your home site and wishes.

- Assist the professionals in situating the home on the property to maximize all the benefits.

- Consult with you about possible future expansions.

Once these matters are established, the building process can start! As new home builders in New Jersey, we understand your concerns about the sometimes-unpredictable weather. MAC Builders custom modular homes will be protected from the weather from the day they are set in place.



While this part isn’t as fun as customizing your modular floor plans, permits are required before building. Learning about your area’s building code requirements and obtaining the correct permits is essential for all projects related to home and construction.  Each county, state, town, and street all have their unique building code guidelines that need to be followed. The good news is that MAC Builders takes care of this entire process for you. Once your modular home plans are finalized, MAC Builders will make all the necessary submissions.

After all permits are received, building can begin! MAC Builders realizes that these details can be complex but that is why we are here to help you through the process. Any questions you need answered and in other ways you need help, our team will always walk you through it to make life easy.


Selection Process

Now the exciting part will begin, and you can get started on your new home construction project! This is where you can collaborate with our designers and build your dream home. With the MAC Builders state-of-the-art design center, you will have complete freedom to tell us how you envision your home. We will fully customize your rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, lounge areas, garage, decks, basement, roof, exterior, and outdoor areas to the way you want it. Even if you are overwhelmed with the many options that come with a custom house design, our professionals will provide tailored suggestions that you can choose from to make your decisions easier.

Once this phase is completed, the modular home manufacturers will start constructing your new home. Modular construction companies fortunately have the luxury to work in a temperature-controlled environment and building alterations can easily be made. Compared to traditional home construction, the building process is much faster, and you’ll be living in your new house sooner! During this time, MAC Builders lets you view all updates, schedules, documents, and communicate with our team 24/7 with our online client portal. This is located on our website and will always be available to you.



Before your home is delivered, the MAC Builders team can simultaneously prep the foundation and get everything ready. Upon delivery, your home will be carefully placed and set by our team. We will hook up all utilities and inspect every inch, ensuring that everything is up to code and meets all necessary guidelines. After we conduct a final inspection, you’ll receive a certificate of occupancy and then you can move in! Now that you know about the modular home building process, are you ready to get started? Give MAC Builders a call today at (732) 930-5067.

Posted On: November 05, 2020