Custom or Modular Construction - Things to Install Now and Things to Install Later

Once you have completed the beginning steps of your custom or modular building journey with us, you will next start to plan the design home process! While for many clients, this is the most exciting part. For others, it can be overwhelming, and they may not know what to add now or later to their custom or modular floor plans. From learning what elements are crucial to add to understanding what isn’t, it can be easy to become confused. If you fall into this category, read below to see what our expert NJ home builders suggest!

Things To Add Now:

More Square Footage

If you anticipate growing your family, adding more square footage to your custom or modular home at the building stage will save you the headache that comes with expanding an existing structure. While MAC Builders can renovate your home later, this process may be rather disruptive and can take longer than expected to finish. Never be afraid to tell our professionals about your future plans so that we may design custom home plans perfect for your intentions!


Adding the flooring you want immediately is important to ensure you and your family are comfortable in your custom or modular home. If you choose cheaper flooring in hopes your custom or modular home builder can install the high-quality option you want later, you will most likely have to relocate while the work is done and spend more of your budget than expected. Luckily, MAC Builders can provide premium flooring options from our state-of-the-art design center that not only fits your budget, but you are guaranteed love.

Areas To Wait to Install:

Cosmetic Alterations

Cosmetic changes to custom or modular homes should be left until the end of the selection process or made later, especially when you have a limited budget. If you’re having issues sorting what is necessary to apply now or later to your custom or modular home, ask our team! We will provide a breakdown of all the high-priority elements your project needs at the start so that your budget is spent on the crucial things!


In addition to a beautiful new custom modular home, we know you are expecting to have a well-groomed property with all the greenery and outdoor features to make your project stand out. Our custom home builders highly recommend waiting to see how your property looks throughout the days to notice the areas most exposed to the sun, especially now that we are entering winter. This way, you can strategically plan where to place decks, patios, and pools once spring arrives!

Do you now have a better understanding of which aspects of the custom or modular home building process you should prioritize? Then get started with the best custom home builders and schedule a consultation with MAC Builders! All our custom and modular homes can be made to fit your needs and conveniently placed in the southern Monmouth and northern Ocean Counties of New Jersey! Contact us today at (732) 930-5067.

Posted On: October 21, 2022