Elements Every Master Bedroom Needs

 When it comes to custom homes and custom modular homes, MAC Builders knows best! Since we have over 40 years of building experience, we are experts in all areas of custom home design! Today, we will specifically cover popular elements every master bedroom should have. There is no exact formula to drawing out a master bedroom, but we have compiled some essentials we felt were important! If you are currently planning on what to include in your custom home floor plans or custom modular home floor plans, then this blog is for you!

Large Windows & Skylights
Large windows and skylights are great to include in your custom home or custom modular home master bedroom because they bring in natural light that effortlessly brightens up your space. If you are working with limited room, large windows can create an illusion that the master bedroom is bigger than it is, while also setting a peaceful atmosphere. Since we mostly work on projects along the Jersey Shore, large windows give a priceless view of the gorgeous landscape! 

We know winters at the Jersey Shore can be especially cold. Adding a custom master bedroom fireplace to warm your space will ensure those brisk winter days are more enjoyable and comfortable. Even better, a fireplace is the perfect solution for turning a plain space into a supercozy and romantic suite. Fireplaces can be customized to seamlessly fit into your custom home floor plans or custom modular home plans to match the overall layout! Whether you prefer a gas or wood-burning fireplace, our professionals will happily pair you with one that fits your needs! Custom master bedroom fireplaces instantly make any space super cozy and extra stylish.
Walk-In Closet
As the most requested element to add to any custom home or custom modular home design, walk-in closets add elegance and provide immense storage options. Walk-in closets are a luxurious upgrade from traditional ones since they reduce clutter, double as a dressing room, can have specific storage features, and adds value to all custom home designs and custom modular home construction! Depending on the size, an island and seating area can be incorporated for more personalization. With so many ways to optimize a walk-in closet, it is no wonder why they are popular with homeowners that want to build a new home!
If you are feeling stuck on what to select for your master bedroom, allow our modern home builders to help! As we discuss your needs and preferences, we will coordinate a plan catered to you. Our friendly construction home builders will take you on a tour through our state-of-the-art design center to choose features that best fit your vision, ensuring that your master bedroom is all you hoped it would be. To further show our dedication to your project, you can remain updated with your design’s progress, have access to important documents, and communicate with our team 24/7 through our online client portal. Book a consultation today by calling MAC Builders at (732) 930-5067.

Posted On: May 16, 2022