Here at the Jersey Shore, massive reconstruction is still underway to repair all of the damages caused by Super-Storm Sandy. New Flood maps outlining updated flood zones and basic flood elevations (BFE) have homeowners facing the challenge of building on pilings at higher elevations.

One aspect to consider for your new MAC Builders Custom Home is a residential elevator. Technological advances in the field of home elevation have seen an increase in quality and affordability. This unique ‘more for less’ opportunity allows homeowners to realize an increased percentage of future home equity based on percentage of investment.

But that’s just business-speak. Let’s examine the practical aspects of installing a residential elevator in your home. First of all, any package, suitcase, grocery bag, and every other single personal belonging you own needs to be hauled up AT LEAST one very high flight of stairs. And that’s just the start. Many times transportation of items carries over to a second an even a third story.

Now imagine your custom home with a residential elevator. Access from ground level keeps you from climbing ANY stairs at all. Not even one! Bring all of your ‘stuff’ with you, because it is an easy trip up to whichever floor of your residence you need access to. Not alone? No problem. Your roomy, comfortable elevator car can carry almost a half-ton of cargo weight.

Give us a call here at MAC Builders, or stop by and visit our design gallery, if you would like to discuss the possibility of a new custom home complete with a residential elevator. It will truly be an UPLIFTING experience

Posted On: August 25, 2014