House Construction: Custom Modular Homes vs Custom Site Built Homes

Spring is here, and that means you’re likely thinking about building a new home. You may have common questions about the best options for your family like ‘Are modular homes as good as stick built homes?’ and ‘How do they differ in construction?’. When it comes to modular homes and custom homes, there are quite a few important differences that can ultimately help you decide which is best for you. Most builders offer one or the other, but at MAC Builders, we are proud to offer both. Here are a few things to consider when deciding between contemporary modular homes and custom build homes, also known as stick built homes:
Custom Modular Homes
  • Quality constructed in a remote, climate-controlled facility, and then shipped and assembled on site
  • Built to withstand transport across bridges, tunnels, and highways
  • Must meet special design requirements in durability
  • Offer greater repeatability, thus shorter construction time
  • Some design restrictions, but not as it was years ago
  • Limited flexibility for changes
  • Close in price, but basic designs are less expensive
Custom Site Built Homes
  • Built on your lot, eliminating transportation concerns
  • MAC Builders quality construction
  • Endless options for customization
  • Unlimited flexibility for changes during build
At MAC Builders, we are experts in the design and build process; whether you’re considering a custom modular home, a custom site built home, an add-a-level to your existing home, or an addition or renovation to your existing home, we do it all! As one of the most reputable and best quality home builders at the Jersey Shore and in the Point Pleasant area, we are confident we can help. Our team of professionals will guide you to determine the most efficient way to go for your family. Please call to speak with one of our experts today at 732-276-1080.

Posted On: April 14, 2020