How to Personalize A Home Renovation

In some cases, tearing down a home and then building a custom home or custom modular home from scratch is not right for everyone, and a full renovation is the better choice. Renovations are a chance for modern home remodelers like us to give a project new life, and there are certain elements that deserve a facelift. Don’t let the idea of a custom renovation for your current home floor plans or modular plans intimidate you since you have the best custom home builders by your side! When you want your outdated designs to exude a more customized feel, MAC Builders has you covered with a list of home elements that deserve attention through a custom renovation project!

Ceiling Accents
When planning your renovation project with our construction home builders, we can give the ceiling some much-needed attention to bring extra flair! Ceilings can be turned from plain to refined with tasteful details that aren’t too excessive. Options can range from grooved beadboard paneling, shiplap, unique box beams, crown molding and more depending on your theme. With additional embellishments tailored to your tastes, a ceiling can become an eye-catching point in any room and compliment the overall design! 
Wall Details 
No one likes bare or boring walls, but the MAC Builders home builders will ensure your personality shines through! Popular options to upgrade your walls during a custom renovation include shiplap, vibrant paint colors, and picture frame moldings. Subtle changes to interior walls will go farther than you think and can significantly impact the mood of you and your guests, which means careful consideration is necessary. When you don’t know which design feature is your best option, our state-of-the-art design center is filled with upscale and modern options for you to choose from!
Renewed Staircase
With a feature as large as a staircase, it’s important for homeowners to have a design that seamlessly fits the home. Staircases can be as simple or dramatic as you wish and are often the first thing guests lay their eyes on. Whether it’s a detailed newel post, oak treads, iron or wood balusters or anything in between, make your staircase the star of your custom home floor plans or custom modular home plans! Our custom modular and custom home building contractors understand the importance of a well-designed staircase, which is why we take the necessary time to understand your style to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!
At MAC Builders, we are always here to provide trendy and creative suggestions for your custom renovation plans! We hope this short but sweet list of ideas will inspire you to level up your strategy and motivate you to work with professionals like us. We understand a lot goes into creating a custom renovation plan, which is why our team is accessible 24/7 through our online client portal. Here, you can make change orders, view important documents, check on schedules and more! Do your custom renovation right and collaborate with New Jersey builders you can trust by calling (732) 930-5067.

Posted On: June 21, 2022