Life by the beach is peaceful, relaxing, breezy, bright and calming. Odds are if you own a shore home, you adore the beach and surrounding environment. Occasionally it can be a bit overwhelming to design a beach home without being “overly literal”. We’re going to break it down simply to help you bring the shore into your custom home.
Shade: Like we stated prior to the shore is breezy, restful, peaceful and calming. Using creams, beiges, light greens and blues help to achieve a serene, cool feeling to a room in your shore house. In line with the psychology of colour, blues and greens cause the body to produce chemicals that cause a quieting sensation.
Texture: The shells, the sand and the boardwalk all have a specific feeling and texture to them. Touch is an important sense to focus on when designing. Texturized furniture and accessories add visual interest to a space. Adding broad planked wood floors bring the boardwalk into the home in a tasteful tactic.
Light: A shore dwelling is typically assembled with many windows therefore you can take in the lovely view of the ocean while also allowing light in. Yet occasionally the day sun can be a bit much. Adding window treatments is a way to correct this dilemma. Floor to ceiling drapes additionally provide shade, but can give a light airy feeling to a room. Draperies in a bold print will attract attention to your windows so that visitors can take in the lovely view.
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Posted On: March 14, 2016