Modular Homes: Built To Last!

Everyone has heard of modular homes, but one misconception is that they are cheaply made and are not constructed reliably against harsh weather like traditional stick-built homes. This is not true! As top New Jersey builders, we have built many new modular homes all over Monmouth and Ocean Counties using our superior materials. From extremely hot summers to the unpredictable hurricane seasons, our projects are created with the strongest supplies available. Let’s take a closer look at the long-lasting durability of modular-built homes.


Not to be confused with mobile homes, a modular house is safely secured to a permanent foundation just as a traditional site-built home would. The only contrast is that a modular home is constructed within a climate-controlled facility and is delivered in sections. New modular homes are built to code, meaning they are constructed to endure various types of weather conditions including earthquakes and hurricanes. These factory-built homes are also easier to inspect since each section is thoroughly checked before shipping, verifying everything meets the proper approval.


To maintain safety throughout shipment, modular homes must be constructed with strong supplies to reduce the chances of damage during transport. As our dedication to you, MAC Builders can incorporate these elements to ensure the integrity of your modular home plans. You expect your custom modular house to last, which is why we always use materials that will hold up against harsh winds, floods, extreme cold, scorching summers and anything else that might occur. Clients can trust that their custom-built modular homes are created with sturdy and resilient materials that will be everlastingly durable.


Having a strong and secure home means you can’t get away with using cheap materials, but that also doesn’t imply they are outrageously expensive either. With us as your house builder, you’ll see how modular home designs can be both of high quality and reasonably priced! MAC Builders never delivers anything less than honorable, ethical, and professional services for our clients. We take on your custom project as if it were our own and only use the best industry practices, premium materials, and offer excellent suggestions for your design. Our clients can always have peace of mind knowing that their home is safe once it meets our strict standards.


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Posted On: February 16, 2021