Myths About Modular Home Construction

As the upcoming trend in new construction, the modular process is quickly becoming the preferred way to build a home. While information surrounding modular-built homes is abundant, there are a few common misconceptions that people get confused with. Since MAC Builders is a group of professional contractors that have created many manufactured homes, we are more than qualified to shed light on the subject. Take a look below and let’s clear up a couple of myths about modular home designs!

“Modular homes are the same as mobile homes”

This statement is false for a few reasons. Custom modular homes are actually more similar to traditional houses because they both have a solid foundation, are built to code, can have multiple levels, and can have an attached garage. They are so alike that you wouldn’t know the difference between a modular or a stick-built home if you were to compare two designs together. Another noticeable difference is that a mobile home is built to be portable, while a modular house is not. When you build a modular project with MAC Builders, you’re creating a high quality forever home on your choice, single location.

“Modular homes are too expensive”

While each project is unique and varies in cost, modular home prices are similar in cost to a stick-built home, and most times even a little less. One thing you’ll never see is a price increase on a home just because it’s modular. Modular projects are constructed using high quality materials that are made to last and are usually stronger than a traditional house. MAC Builders is one of the best home builders that creates your modular design to contain all your ideas while remaining within your budget. No matter your vision, our team of professionals have the knowledge and expertise to bring your ideas to life without exceeding your financial limit.

“Modular homes have limited customization”

One of the top reasons why homeowners choose the modular building route is because they are built in a climate-controlled environment and offer endless customization options, making designing easier compared to site-built houses! Our expert designers will collaborate with you and analyze each aspect of your project to ensure you have the customized features you want. We understand that each client is unique, which is why we offer extensive options that allow clients to create dream homes that are catered to their specific tastes. With MAC Builders as your custom home builders, we grant you access to our state-of-the-art design center where you’ll have complete freedom to create your desired project with our reliable team at your disposal for professional recommendations.

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Posted On: March 04, 2021