Places You Should Build A Laundry Room

Like many others, the last aspect of a custom home or custom modular home you are probably thinking of is the laundry room. The spot where your laundry room is placed needs to be well thought out with your needs in mind, which means you must identify who will be doing the laundry, when will the laundry get done, how often it will be done, and what will be washed. Once those questions are answered, then you can think about where you prefer a laundry room. Thankfully, our custom homebuilders have some suggestions to make your decision easier! Read on below and learn where in your home is best to place your laundry room.

Second Floor Bedroom Level
Placing a laundry room on the second-floor bedroom level seems to be the most popular and convenient location for families. Since a majority of the dirty laundry comes from this level, it makes it a lot easier for those doing the laundry to gather, clean, fold, and put away. You can eliminate hampers and create more space in bedrooms and closets by moving them in the washer and dryer area too. With MAC Builders, we help you design home features that are practical!
In or Close To Mudroom
We all know living at the Jersey Shore means you are likely to encounter heavy rainfall or snow throughout the seasons. While a mudroom is essential for all custom home floor plans or modular floor plans, it would make sense to have a laundry room in or close by to make cleaning messy clothes easier! Whether you are coming home in clothes covered in snow, rain or you just happen to get your favorite coat muddy, a laundry room within reach makes life a breeze. For those with smaller spaces, we have the best custom home builders and modular home builders to optimize what is already available!
To keep all sights and noises away from the rest of the house, the basement is the next best place for your laundry room. Depending on the size of your basement, our custom builders can create shelves, cabinets, and other setups to make your space productive. This way, you can have all you need in one zone and won’t have the chore of constantly going up and down the stairs. If you tend to do light bundles of laundry or don’t do frequent loads, opt for a basement laundry room!
Any one of our NJ home builders would be happy to help you in this decision-making process! From the consultation to the blueprints and building phases, MAC Builders has your back! We have built relationships with our customers based on trust, ethical, and professional services, which means you can rely on us to provide you with the best tailored options for your plans. If you are interested in building your dream home with a team you can depend on, call one of the experts today at (732) 930-5067.

Posted On: July 15, 2022