Reasons Why People Love Open Floor Plans


So, you are going to build your own house, but have you been over the different possible floor plans? As modern home builders, we have noticed that open floor plans have become increasingly popular with homeowners because it creates one unified space. Even modular home designs are regularly constructed to have open floor plans! This design typically involves joining the dining room, living room, and kitchen, making it great to entertain. There are less barriers normally caused by walls and you will have unlimited decorating options. Let this be a guide to help make your decision easier.



Building a new home can be tricky if you are not sure how you want to use your floor plan. Every home needs to have proper flow that fits the homeowner’s needs and wants. Individuals living in homes with too many barriers or rooms have been shown to have higher stress levels, unlike those who have free-flowing space. If you are the entertainer in the family and expect to fill your home with guests, open floor plans will allow everyone to roam around without feeling cramped. You and your guests will enjoy the feeling of not being restricted and take pleasure in each other’s company in one unified space.


Added Value

It is because open floor plans are popular that it will only add value to your home! You can incorporate fewer elements to your home construction plans, but still see a noticeable payoff if you decide to sell. Most home buyers have families with children, and open floor plans promote an everyday living space for them to be in. You will see that your home will not be lingering on the market when you choose this home trend, making it that much easier to make a profit!


Space Utilization

Home building contractors can build a home that is smaller in size but feels much bigger by using an open floor plan. This utilizes your property’s lot space and lets you make the most of your available room. As beach home builders, MAC Builders has seen this type of floor plan functionally work in both cottages and luxury custom homes along the Jersey Shore area. You can also apply this floor plan when building a guest house!  It especially works for your elderly visitors, making it easier for them to navigate within one space.


Now that you know more about open floor plans, you are ready to get started! Contact MAC Builders today! As one of the top-rated New Jersey builders with over 40 years of experience, we can transform your current home into the home of your dreams. Call us today at (732) 837-0890!

Posted On: October 01, 2020