Remodeling Your Home: What to Expect!

Starting a new home construction project is thrilling for any homeowner and choosing MAC Builders as your contractor is the best choice you can make! Knowing what to expect and preparing your home before we start construction will make you more comfortable with the entire process. That’s why we are here with our advice! Let this article guide you on how to handle matters throughout your house remodeling journey.


1.) Securing Your Belongings

Before a custom house design is started, there are some preparations that you should make within your home. Protecting your furniture, valuables, and rugs before we come will prevent anything from being damaged during our operating times. Depending on the area of where your home construction will be taking place, you might have to clean out cabinets and closets of your items. Our team will discuss the best options to keep your all of your belongings safe and out of the work zone.


2.) Permit Handling

A homeowner does not have to handle applying for permits to have our team work on your project. Typically, all house building companies have a staff that knows the complexity of the permit process, so that there is no responsibility on the homeowner’s end other than paying the permit fee charged by the municipality or borough. MAC Builders will take care of any permits that are needed to make sure that your new home construction is conducted with the necessary authorization.


3.) Communication

Always expect to have an open line of communication with our team. MAC Builders understands how a construction job can be confusing to anyone that isn’t already familiar with the process. No matter if it is minor house renovation work or a huge job like building a new house, we support you every step of the way! Our clients will have access to the virtual client portal on our website where you can approve initial drawings, view change orders, and see important documents. MAC Builders is also available 24/7 with our online messaging system, so that you can reach us anytime!


4.) Project Timeline

Delays with custom home construction are something no one wants. A few issues that can keep a project from being finished are mostly weather related or when change orders are initiated. As your home builders, we adapt to any changes that you want to make and are transparent about the time it will take to complete! If severe weather prevents us from working, we will do our best to get right back on track without rushing to complete your home. MAC Builders never settles for less than excellent customer satisfaction and we always work hard to stay on time and in budget!

Now that you are prepared on what to expect, are you ready to get started on those custom home designs with MAC Builders? Call us today for a consultation with our experts at (732) 837-0890.

Posted On: September 14, 2020