Roof Styles Worth Considering

While in the process of building a new house, most homeowners rarely think about the type of roof they want. Typically, they will go with what is simple, sturdy, or leave the choice up to the contractor. A roof not only protects a home, but plays a significant role in your overall custom house design.  This choice should be made carefully between you and your custom home builder, taking all options into consideration.


Gambrel Roof

If you want a tall, barn-look for your home, a gambrel roof is a great choice! It is a two-sided roof with double slopes on each side. The upper slope has a shallow angle and the lower slope is noticeably steeper. Home building contractors can use this shape to create a room or attic at the highest level of your house! This roof style also has fewer construction materials needed, saving you extra money during the process. A gambrel roof is perfect for those who want to have more space in their home without adding to their custom home plan requirements.


Sawtooth Roof

Modern home builders are now seeing an increase in sawtooth roofs because of their bold, artistic look. They have parallel pitched roofs where the vertical and sloped exteriors interchange. This style invites more natural light into a home, which can be cost-effective on your electricity bill! Homeowners that want their custom home construction to have stylish curb appeal usually go for a sawtooth roof because of its distinctive look. Additionally, a sawtooth roof allows you to utilize its slope for radiant heating systems and solar panels!


Jerkinhead Roof

A jerkinhead roof is a combination of a gable and hip roof. It can also be described by home builders as a gable roof with snipped peaks. This is a popular style roof that can give new builds a distinct, northern European look that is similar to the house construction designs seen in Austria, Denmark, and Germany. The homes in these countries tend to be smaller in shape, making a jerkinhead roof great for beach cottages. Due to its clipped design, it also offers extra protection from wind damage!

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Posted On: October 13, 2020