You’ve been toying with the idea of remodeling your Shore house–but you’re not certain if it’s time. Perhaps you wonder if remodeling is actually warranted. Here are six indications that now may the time to get started on that renovation project that’s been rattling around in the back part of your brain.

1. Things are feeling somewhat “tight.” Perhaps you have more kids than when you first moved in to your current home. Or maybe your children have grown and just need more space. Perhaps you’ve got a parent living with you now. Or perhaps you’ve just acquired more “things” than you had before. That’s an excellent reason to consider remodeling–particularly if you like the area you’re in and don’t actually need to go.

2. You have some safety concerns. This can be an actual issue if the house you’re presently in is somewhat old. There’s a reason why security codes for homes keep evolving. A few of the things that were acceptable years past aren’t used any longer today–because we’ve detected that they aren’t safe. You may not be required to alter them, but if you’re concerned about the security of your household, you may want to address them anyhow.

3. Your lifestyle has transformed. The manner in which you live may have shifted, even if you haven’t outgrown the quantity of space you have. Little children don’t want plenty of space, and you also likely didn’t mind sharing space together. As they get older it can be a problem–especially if everybody is striving to get ready for the day at once. That may be hard to do in the event your kitchen is too small or if you don’t have another space where folks want to congregate.

4. You need to guard your investment. Your home might be still your single largest investment. But houses require updating and care to hold their value.

5. Energy efficiency and environmental impact. There’s no way to get around it; older homes only aren’t as energy-efficient as ones. If you’re in an older home, you may be using more energy than you need to. Not just does that cost you money, but additionally it impacts the surroundings around you. You will find an increasing number of products and solutions that can make your property more environmentally friendly.

6. You would like to make an alteration. But that’s a perfectly adequate motive to remodel. Our preferences change with time. Things we thought were “cool” once upon a time not hold much appeal (and sometimes we’re even embarrassed by what we once thought was stylish). You must feel comfortable in your own home. And if this means making some changes, that’s a valid reason.

If any of these “signs” resonate with you, we want to hear from you. Contact us and let us know what you’re thinking. Or you give us a call directly at 732-930-5067 and tell us how you would like to remodel your home at the Jersey Shore. We’ll be pleased to help!

Posted On: February 21, 2014