New Home Additions: To Build Up or Build Out

When deciding to dive into your next custom home or modular home project, there are a lot of things to consider. Choosing to expand vertically or horizontally is a decision that must be thought out carefully. Building a home in NJ many times provides obstacles based on a lot size. It’s prudent to review your options right up front with a custom home builder like MAC Builders and allow us to guide you through the pros and cons of building out versus building up.

Pros and Cons of Building Out  

Building out as an addition to your existing structure is great when you have the real estate to do so. Additions typically consist of expanding the kitchen, family room, or guest room inclusive of the latest design trends. Building out with an addition certainly has its perks but your modern designed addition will take away some square footage of your yard. It will also cost more per square foot because of the added foundation. Let your MAC Builders rep review all the pros and cons of building a custom home addition with you before you make your decision. 

Pros and Cons of Building Up 

Building your home floor plan up can be a very versatile option as well. Our experts can add another story onto your one-story home in many cases. Perhaps you presently have a small ranch style home, and your family is growing. Adding a level not only gives you multiple bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor, but it also provides you with the opportunity to rework your first-floor design. 

If you decide to build up, you have less reason to worry about setbacks from zoning or losing a huge chunk of that beautiful yard. In this situation, cons derive from restrictions that vary from township to township. In some areas, there are restrictions on the height of your home. When your new modern layout entails building up, keep in mind that you will need to account for a stairwell which can take up around 80 to 120 square feet of your living space! 

Also, our team will more than likely must tear apart the walls and ceilings in the spaces under to build up structural support and pass along electrical plumbing and heating lines. We are very careful and make sure to fully analyze the home floor plan to make sure there are no mistakes!  

Whichever direction you choose to build, we are ready to help you every step of the way! We are the best custom home builders in the New Jersey area providing customers with trustworthy, ethical and professional services! If you would like to get started on building your dream home with MAC Builders, call us today (732) 930-5067. 


Posted On: August 15, 2022