From my initial DREAMS to an actual MASTERPIECE... MAC Builders partnered every step of the way, bringing to life my stunning waterfront home! Their EXPERIENCE, and knowledge of the industry, provided guidance that enhanced many decisions during the planning and building stages. EAGER TO PLEASE, they entertained many on and offsite meetings to ensure COMMUNICATION was key and that the RESULTS were aligned with my vision. My home is the "talk-of-the-town" and I am very PROUD of the work accomplished by MAC Builders. I will ENJOY every precious moment living here! THANK YOU, Mike & Team!

Working with MAC is everything we hoped for. We never set expectations for perfection as we realize how much goes into building a new home from the ground up. So much communication back and forth and with so many different professionals. But that is where MAC delivers so strongly. And when I say "expectations", of course, I expected a gorgeous and functional home done right, and it was. I really mean all the little things that are easy to get mixed up in the end and tying it all up into a perfect box with a perfect bow. You have to give room for miscommunications about the little things in a huge project just as when you planned your big wedding day. BUT, with MAC, the top-notch level of communication about every single little thing is exactly what we got and what was delivered, right till the very end and beyond, to make our home as perfect as we wanted it. Mike and Tom and their guys become professional friends! I recommend them 100 and advise to be open and honest with what you want, and they will do everything to make it happen.

MAC Builders gives top service, all around. From the office staff to the contractors, they offer an excellent product and make sure you are happy during the whole process. I thought their online system to track updates and add-ons to the project was extremely helpful too. I must admit, I might be a little difficult to work with since I change my mind often and sometimes am over the top with detail, but they were always accommodating and pleasant to work with the whole way through. I highly recommend Mike and team and love the result that we achieved. It feels like a completely new house and are in love. Thank you!

We built our dream home with Mac Builders. We were incredibly pleased with the result. Although building a new home is not an easy task, we did enjoy working with Mike and Tom. They were fair, honest, and always responsive to all our phone calls and emails. We did our walk through today and could not be happier.

The MAC team of experienced professionals built our beautiful home in Point Pleasant, NJ with the utmost of integrity and attention to detail. We are so grateful to have worked with people who we could completely trust. They are knowledgeable craftsmen who really care about what they produce, have the vision to help you create your dream, and are able to work very closely with you through such an intricate process. I highly recommend this company to build or renovate your home, you will never be disappointed!

We want to thank the staff at MAC Management for all you have done to get my house in Ortley Beach back up and running. The workers we encountered were well-skilled and knowledgeable and easy to work with. We appreciate the quality of their work. We were fortunate to have the house completed in the designated time you predicted. We especially thank and appreciate the proprietor, Mike Colucci, who did everything possible to speed up the process. We always felt he was there for us and treated us as a priority. We will always highly recommend MAC Management/MAC Builders to anyone seeking a contractor.

When it came time to rebuild our family shore home that was destroyed by Super Storm Sandy, I needed to find a builder that could work with me from a remote location and execute a detailed custom project. I am a neurosurgeon and have exacting standards. I was very involved in the design of the home and needed to find a builder that could execute a detailed custom project without my presence on site. Mice Colucci, Tom Neumaier, and the entire team at MAC Builders lived up to my expectations from start to finish. 

I interviewed several local builders and came away most impressed with Mac Builders. Mike and Tom were extremely straight forward about the contracting process. There were no surprises. All change orders were handled in a predictable and fair fashion. They were also very helpful in outlining the realistic costs of a variety of options, beginning with my initial proposal of a modern modular home, and ultimately with the custom home that we ended up building. 

They completely exceeded my expectations in being able to pull off a modern custom home that was designed by an out-of-state architect who did not have a New Jersey license. Mac Builders facilitated having my plans redrafted at a reasonable cost by a local architect. 

One of the keys to their success is managing this remote project was their use of the Builder Trend software. This application allowed them to post weekly project updates with detailed pictures for my review. Documents such as permits, architectural drafts, surveys, and the scope of work were available for my review. Specific interior and exterior selections were clearly documented. Change orders were easily approved and the overall accounting of the project was completely transparent.

While the software really helped me keep track of the details, it was truly the personal attention that Tom Neumaier and everyone at Mac Builders demonstrated that was the key to the success of the project. Tom followed up on every detail. I know I was not the easiest client to work with, but Tom, Mike, and their assistant Christina understoon how important the details were to me and they delivered. Furthermore, I was asking them to execute details that were not part of a typical build and they seemed genuinely interested in the modern design of my project. 

After the house was completed, Mac has continued to follow through on small items on our punch list.

I could not be more pleased with my experience with Mac Builders. They understand how much a home means to a client, and they get the job done properly.

 I am very pleased with the work that MAC Builders performed at my home! I loved living in Point Pleasant but the house that was my parents had fallen in to some disrepair. MAC Builders put new siding and a new angled roof on the house which gave it a completely updated look. On the inside, they vaulted the living room ceiling, making the room so much larger. The work was great but it was also wonderful working with the staff. I was at work during most of the project. The office was in constant contact with me answering all of my questions and responding to all of my needs. I get so many compliments on the house from both friends and people just passing by! I would recommend them to anyone!

 The entire staff at MAC Builders has been excellent to deal with for our new build at the Jersey Shore. We purchased an old cottage that needed to be torn down and MAC Builders handled the entire project from demolition to architectural designs to the full new build. We wanted a builder that could handle all aspects of the project and MAC Builders definitely delivered. From our first meeting with them, they were professional and prepared. The build proposal and contract are very thorough. Their in house design staff was very thoughtful and efficient. The personnel who handle the municipal permits and utility approvals expedited what would have been a tiresome process. They were always available to answer questions and talk over ideas we had.

The technology they use with the client is amazing. We had access to all of our build information on a portal: we approve everything before its ordered, can make changes online, and are kept up-to-date with photos and videos on the entire process. MAC Builders has been completely professional throughout the entire process. We have no doubt in their teams’ ability to complete exemplary work. Without hesitation, we would use MAC Builders again! 

We are very satisfied with the performance of MAC Builders. They actually made the process enjoyable!

We want to thank you very much for helping us build an amazing home down the shore. You have turned our dream into a reality. The craftsmanship is great. We couldn’t be happier with how our home turned out. It’s truly beautiful. Our friends and families are all begging for invites this summer. We look forward to building wonderful memories here with our family. Thank you for your help in making this happen.

When we began to consider buying a place in Ortley, we were somewhat concerned with building a brand new home. We had heard some horror stories. Contractors who did poor work-or projects that went way over budget, etc. My husband happened to mention we were looking for a contractor to build a home down the shore and a co-worker recommended MAC Builders. He raved about his experience and the house they built for him. But we still wanted to make sure we did our own research. After meeting with several builders, we were most impressed with Tom and Mike. They were straightforward with us from the start. We immediately felt comfortable with them. Not only did they clearly explain the process to us, they were extremely patient with all of our questions. During the design process, they were receptive to our ideas and provided their own given their experience, which we found valuable.

Most of all they were so easy to work with, they always returned our call, they were upfront and honest about everything and they stayed on budget. They made the whole process an overall positive experience for us.

Thank you!

 Mac Builders did an unbelievable job on our new house. The workmanship, quality and attention to detail were outstanding. They were trustworthy, reliable and communicated through every aspect of the job. These qualities, to us, made all the difference in the world and made our project go very easy from beginning to end. We could not have picked 2 better people than Mike and Tom to take on our project. I would highly recommend them for any project you have in mind. You will not be disappointed.

 My wife and I contracted with MAC Builders for a new modular home. They guided us along the whole experience with utter professionalism and courtesy. From designing the home to coordinating with the modular company to taking care of all the surveying, permitting, and on and on. Tom and Mike were there to answer any questions and work through a few minor issues along the way. We have had other construction done by other companies over the years and nothing compares to MAC. They are without a doubt the best contractor we have ever dealt with. We highly recommend this company and can't say enough about them.

 MAC Builders is a great partner for your building an or renovations need. Their entire team is professional and treats you like you are their top priority customer. We built 2 homes with them and they always delivered ON TIME and their service, communication and follow up customer services were terrific. Their interactive website is a great tool. They are organized and keep you informed at every step along the way with your project. Their product is great and they are reliable and trustworthy! 

We cannot thank you enough for helping us turn our shore house dreams into reality. This was our first time building a new home and we were very happy with your guidance; the whole process was an amazing experience! We know that we were extremely picky and particular at times, but you were able to make everything just perfect the way we wanted.

We were a little skeptical when starting out on the adventure of building a new home. We have heard so many horror stories about contractors and situations that our neighbors have run into along the way of building their houses. Fortunately for us, we did not have to worry since we were in great hands.

We just finished up our first summer in our new home and we can tell you how many visitors were astonished at the craftsmanship that went into building this home. The quality of the craftsmanship continues to impress us, especially when looking at other new homes our friends have built! It’s the little details that give this home so much character that make it stand out from all the rest. According to our neighbors, we have the most beautiful home in Ocean Beach. Our visitors marvel at how spacious such a small house can be.

We want to thank you again for building our dream home. It was a joy to work with you and we look forward to spending many happy years in this relaxing getaway. We can’t wait to start a family and share our love of this home with friends and family for generations to come. Best wishes to you as you continue building dream homes for others. We hope to see the neighborhood grow with a few more of your custom homes!

The amount of attention and information you provided is exactly why we picked MAC as our builder.  After hearing horror stories from other owners who are rebuilding, I am extremely happy we choose MAC ! The pics of the patio and area under the house look awesome, just what I was hoping to see, nice job.

Mike and Tom,

Another stellar job! Ted was fantastic yesterday, taking care of the punch list items with his usual professionalism and amazing problem solving skills, not to mention his ability to do just about anything!! 

The Outdoor Shower is fabulous. Ted and the”boys” worked so hard to create a beautiful and very functional structure. 

Kevin was also here and he and his wife did a great job on the touch up painting, finding things we hadn’t noticed. Just one more once over, to ensure everything is complete.

Lots of compliments on the cabinets, too. People think we have a brand new kitchen.

You put together a great team.

We love the house.

Thanks again,

Bob and Geri Saunders



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